Parallel Geoscience Corporation (PGC) was started in 1988 with the purpose of writting easy to use seismic processing software.

At PGC, our mission is to provide seismic processing solutions to improve our customer's productivity by enhancing their capabilities and knowledge.

Seismic Processing Workshop (SPW) is our main product. It was originally running on Macintosh computers using coprocessors for speed. Our second rewrite of the system was portable across Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Our third rewrite of the the SPW system is now portable and fully 64 bit native across multiple platforms.

We strive to write the best seismic processing software solutions available and to provide these solutions at an affordable price. One of our primary goals is to provide superior customer support service. Another important goal is to increase the knowledge and usage of geophysics worldwide by working closely with academic and research groups and offering workshops at universities and conferences for geophysics students.